How to add a profile picture to the online Horde email client

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I'd like to add a profile picture to my email account on the Horde web client. How do I go about this?
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How to add an email profile picture (not signature)

Hi guys,

Quick question - nowadays most, if not all, email clients show profile pictures (if a company or person doesn't have one the profile picture will be the first letter of their address (as seen on outlook or gmail). I was wondering if there was a way to add that to my inmotion hosted email? Like a gravatar but for your email address. (I'm not talking about adding images etc to Ann email signature).

Thanks for any help.


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Thank you for your question on images in your HordeMail. I assume you mean to add a profile image in your signature area. It that is the case, you can follow the instructions here. This does not work on the shared servers, but does work on the VPS and Dedicated servers.

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Scott M