Drupal website view cannot be edited

  • Answered
On a Drupal 7 website (one.sohistory.org) I have multiple views that work, but several views hang up during editing and produce AJAX HTTP errors (sometimes Error 200, sometimes 500). After reading multiple responses to related problems I have disabled the views slideshow modules, but that made no difference. I don't have jquery update loaded. Apparently some versions of that cause problems, but I wonder if I need to load it.
I couldn't find the right file for increasing the max_allowed_packet, another suggested fix.
The view involves a content type (Photos Database) that has about 60,000 entries, but I have other views that use this content type and don't produce the same errors.
Each time I try to use the view the system is doing something for several minutes before I get an error message, so I'm concerned it's creating heavy use on the website-hate to keep spinning that wheel...
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your Drupal site views. I have not personally seen this error before so I do not have any first hand experience in fixing it. I would definitely try setting the max_allowed_packet setting if you have not yet done so. This can be set in the php.ini file. Give that a try and if not, please let us know. Have you found a specific number of entries where the error occurs? You say the view involves 60,000 entries, but does it work with 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, etc? Is there a specific number where it seems to give up and give the error? Does this occur in an offsite test environment? Kindest Regards, Scott M