Follow-up on Product "More info" block

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Yes you are right about the green color. Yesterday I mistakenly enabled module THEME CONFIGURE. This particular theme had it disabled. When I did that it put in the green color in certain places. I left it alone because I like it.

But, the color I need to change is the information in the box itself. Right now it is a light gray. I know about the product.tpl but if I remember correctly, you have to change global.css as well. And that is modified in this theme. I will try to change product.tpl assuming the color code is actually in there. But, I think you were referring to the title of the block. Because you mentioned that it was green I don't think you realized that I meant the information itself.
Hello Bruce,

I spoke with Scott and we have determined that it would most likely be best if you did put the css code in the product.tpl file as it would be inline css. That will override the global.css for that section for what ever you put in such as the color.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens