Font color on product pages.

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I am running into an issue finding the place to change the font color of the "MORE INFO" tab on my product pages. I know how to do this and have done it before but since 1.6 and up, the "inspect element" feature on ALL of the browsers.

In the past when you do an inspect element on a section of Prestashop section you usually get the global.css location of the item you are looking at. Not now. Now I get a cache file line 2. Have you seen the cache files. they call it line 2....and it is line 2...but it is one continuous line covering entire file. It's a mess. You can't find anything in it. And I don't believe it is there anyway. In this case YES it is a commercial theme BUT the default theme is doing the same thing.

I need to change the font color of the text in the more info block. If you do an inspect element (for example in Chrome), you can see the font color #969696 but it is located in a long cache file location.

Please advise
Hello Bruce,

Thank you for your question on changing font color. You are right, PrestaShop 1.6 displays cache file locations in the Inspect Element as opposed to a path to the actual source file. Off the top of my head I do not know the location of the file, but let me take a look and see what I can find out for you. I will reply here with what I find.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M