I require my server IP address to access via telnet

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Hello, please I could provide the IP address to access my server via telnet, or not enabled the service? or opening port 23, because I can not access, unresponsive.

this is my service and the data they provided me.

Plan: VPS-1000S

Domain: institutotlaquepaque.edu.mx

Server: vps9334

Hostname: http://vps9334.inmotionhosting.com

IP Address: 198.xx.xx.xx

No more for now thank you for the attention. I hope your valuable help thanks ..

Alfonso Palacios
Hello Alfonso, Thanks for the question about your SSH access and sorry for the problems that you appear to be having. Access to test your VPS through telnet is not open through port 23 by default for security purposes (though you can always test SMTP with TELNET through port 25). Typically, remote access to the server is done through SSH. By default, the port for SSH is 22. You would need to open that port yourself (as root), or submit a support ticket if you are unable to do that yourself. The support center cannot provide that service for you. I did check your SSH access and it works with port 22. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.