Wordpress Multisite Goes White Blank on Login

  • Answered
Hi there,
I seriously need help with my site as I cannot access the dashboard at the moment.
Problem: When I login into the dashboard wp-admin, it automatically goes blank. Initially, it showed that I didn't have required resources. Then I increased the wp memory limit in wp-config and it stopped showing any errors but problem was not resolved.

I have deactivated all plugins, changed the theme via phpMyAdmin, and even asked Inmotion to restore the wp-admin and wp-includes before the problem began. Yet no solution. So up till now, when I type in mysite.com/wp-admin, it shows me where to enter the credentials but once I enter the login details, it goes blank.

Please be a life saver! I'm stuck!!
Hello MtDesigner, Sorry for the problem that you're having with the WordPress multi-site. Even with the reduction that you made in regards to the plugins, WordPress multi-site requires a lot of memory. Check out the responses to for this post in the WordPress forums. They advise on making particular changes to either the wp-config.php file (as you have done), or the PHP.INI file. We have a tutorial on increasing the memory limit in your PHP.INI file that can be found here. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.