Regarding My Original Question About receiving spam

  • Answered
This is the link you sent me to an answer re my question about spam.

While trying to answer this response to my question, I now find that I must "Log In" to something different to respond to the question. I am logged in to the 'AMP', which is where I thought I asked my question.
But now your site won't let me respond to the answers that were posted to my question, because I can't 'log in' to where the answers are.
Seems pretty ridiculous to me.
Why do I have to "Log In" to seperate areas of your site! :(((
Hello, I do apologize for any confusion in the matter. Our AMP system is used for your hosting packages or domains with us. The support center is for anyone whether they are a customer or not. So unfortunately there is two logins that you would have for our website. Best Regards, TJ Edens