My website is getting error 500

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When I tried to analyse my website with woorank and google developers speed tool, I've got results that my web site sent them some error 500. My site is and I got message: This URL cannot be reviewed.There may be several reasons for this: the URL does not exist, the website does not allow WooRank to make reviews, the website denies both our HEAD and GET requests, the DNS sends to an infinite loop or the robots.txt page does not allow access to our bot.

Please help!

When you are getting the 500 error this usually means that some type of configuration is blocking the request. Also it can be common to receive these errors if you are not using a User Agent with your request. Can you provide the command being ran to make the request? If you have access to look at the Apache logs you will be able to determine the root cause of the 500 error.

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TJ Edens