Host a 3rd party website from my account

  • Answered
I just joined a multi-level marketing business, and one thing I need to do is get setup with my business website. I am trying to avoid paying an additional $99/year to have my business website hosted through whoever they use, as opposed to using my current account which I'm already paying for. My website through the business will be a separate folder on the business domain, and I was curious if it was even possible before I contact customer service to ask about this. Essentially, if I get my website through the business, I will have a website located at: Is there any way to host the "/myname" website using my current account?
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about hosting a 3rd party website. We should be able to host the site from a "/myname" folder, using an .htaccess rule, or the Advanced DNS Editor. But, there may be limitations made by the 3rd party site. We are happy to assist you further, but will need some additional information. Can you provide a link or some information about the 3rd party website you are using? This will allow us to review their setup/guides for you, and determine what we would have to do on our side. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you, John-Paul