CSS Not showing WHMCS

  • Answered
When I go to my WHMCS: http://cherrypopdesigns.com/admin the CSS does not display. It has to do with the directory that WHMCS is looking in for all of my files. I think the issue would be solved by changing the "WHMCS System URL" but the system will not let me update it. Any ideas?

When your CSS is not loading up, it usually means that the file is missing or the path is wrong. I see that the CSS is loading from templates/portal/style.css where in fact it should be admin/templates/portal/style.css. After you move a WHMCS directory you need to re-issue the license to fix your installations path directory. If you need to retrieve your license key you may look in the admin/configuration.cfg file.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens