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2013-05-23 3:42 pm EST

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I was previously retrieving my emails from SquirrelMail, but am attempting to check that mailbox from another account (Gmail Account) using POP3. I am using all of my InMotion hosting login info, however none of my messages are being retrieved through Gmail despite being refreshed several times.

All emails continue to appear through SquirrelMail. Is there something that can be done to fix this?


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2013-05-23 4:14 pm EST
Hey J-oLee, and thank you for your question.

It sounds like you might have already followed our guide on how to configure Gmail to access your email, and setup your Gmail account to check your InMotion Hosting email account via POP3.

When you add an extra POP3 account into Gmail, it does automatically check messages for you from that account, but not as frequently as your primary Gmail account.

More than likely what you'll want to follow these steps to check for any mail retrieving issues:

  1. Click on the settings cog at the top-right in Gmail, and click on Settings.

  2. Navigate to the Accounts tab.

  3. Next to the Check mail from other accounts (using POP3) section, you should see your InMotion Hosting email address.

  4. Beside your email address it should also tell you when that mailbox was last checked, and give you the option to click on View history, as well as Check mail now.

Viewing the history, if there were any errors encountered you should see those there. If Gmail simply hasn't recently checked your mailbox, forcing it to check for new messages might allow yours to come in.

When you had added the POP3 account to Gmail, there would have been an option mentioning Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server. If you selected that, then you would still continue to see new messages appear in SquirrelMail as well as Gmail. I also typically recommend selecting the option Label incoming messages so that you can easily tell your InMotion Hosting email address from your main Gmail one.

Please let us know if Gmail is reporting any specific errors for you, and we'd be glad to offer some further assistance!

- Jacob

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Hi Jacob,

Thanks for your quick reply. Both "Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server" and "label incoming messages" are selected, and in the "View History" area the only messages reported say "No mails fetched".

I have selected the "Check mail now" button several types but still nothing appears in my Gmail. New emails continue to be accepted through Squirrel Mail.

Are you able to assist further with this?

Thank you!
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2013-05-23 5:11 pm EST

Hello Jessica,

No problem at all for the help, that's what we're here for!

Taking a look at your account, it appears that you just have one email address currently configured under your domain name beginning with hello@. When I look through the mail logs, I'm not seeing any remote connection attempts at all for that account.

So my best guess is that the server settings you're using in Gmail for your mail account aren't properly pointing to the server hosting your email account.

I created a test email account under your domain, and then used the following settings to add it as a POP3 account to my own Gmail account:
Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server.Checked
Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail.Checked
Label incoming messages:Checked -
Archive incoming messages.Un-checked

I was successfully able to retrieve messages this way without a problem. You'll notice that I chose to use port 995 and to require an SSL connection to the shared-server's secure hostname, rather than directly to your domain name. This is touched on in our guide on email over SSL.

One thing of note here while I was testing this out, is that after the mail was pulled into Gmail, I wasn't seeing it in my Inbox, nor in the label that I had told it to label incoming messages with. However, if clicked on More -> All mail or I simply used the search bar at the top of Gmail and entered in I was able to see the messages.

To be able to see new messages without doing that, I simply added a new filter directly in Gmail to catch them. You can follow these steps to set that up if you're running into the same issue:

  1. Click on the settings cog at the top-right in Gmail, and click on Settings.

  2. Navigate to the Filters tab.

  3. Click on Create a new filter

  4. In the To box, type in your email address.

  5. Next click on Create filter with this search.

  6. Check Apply the label and select your label from the Choose label... drop-down.

  7. If you'd like, also check Also apply filter to # matching conversations, then click Create filter.

Hopefully that will get it to start working for you, I'm not sure why right now there have been no connection attempts from Gmail to your account. I think if you switch over to using the SSL server name like I did that should help out. If you're still having problems let us know what else you're running into.

- Jacob
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2013-05-23 7:43 pm EST
Hello again Jessica,

I saw that you had posted the same comment again accidentally by refreshing this page, so I went ahead and removed that for you. I also took a look on you server again at the mail logs, and I am now seeing successful POP3 connections for your hello@ account.

If you were still having any problems at all, please let us know!

- Jacob
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2013-05-24 1:31 pm EST
Hi Jacob,

I'm not able to comment on your last post but wanted to let you know that it worked! Thanks so much for your patience and assistance with my issue. Greatly appreciated :)

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2013-05-29 6:37 pm EST
Hey again Jessica,

Thanks a lot for letting me know it worked! Always glad to lend a hand, and it's nice to hear back when things go good :)

- Jacob
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2013-05-30 12:39 pm EST
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