Where do I put my web files

  • Answered
I am in the process of setting up a Drupal site and can't seem to access anything. I have placed a phpinfo.php file in the root of the public_html directory and can't seem to access it via a browser ( Without that working, I am sorta lost as to where the files go. The domain name won't complete transferring until tomorrow. Please advise.
Hello Mewfla, Sorry to hear you are having issues viewing your site just right. You are on the right track though, by trying to access via the server address. Take a look at our Temp URL article as it explains how to view the site that way. If you are on a shared server, there will also need to be a cPanel username involved so the server can narrow down your specific account. The article linked will help explain the best way for you. Kindest Regards, Scott M