Configuring a site prior to domain transfer

  • Answered
How do I begin configuring a new addon domain before transferring the domain to InMotion? I wish to install and configure a WordPress site, and then once it's fully ready, transfer the domain so that there is no downtime for site visitors.
Hello jay, Thank you for your question on how to set up your site before pointing to the server. Below is the best way to do so: First, you can go ahead and add the addon domain to the cPanel. As it is not pointed to our server, it will have no effect on site visitors, but it is required to be able to go ahead and set up the site. Next, you can install your WordPress. Go ahead and select the domain name it will be on during the install process. Again, this has no effect on any site visitors. They will still go to the server the domain is currently pointed to. Now, to view the site properly you will need to make a change on your local computer. This is known as a hosts file modification. This ONLY affects the computer the modification is done on. The great thing about it is you will be able to see the site as it will be once the domain is pointed to it. You can always comment out the modification line to see the current site as well. This is the best way for testing. Be sure to remove the modification once you are finished. Once you are satisfied with the new site, then you can point the domain name to our name servers and it will then display as it did when you did the hosts file modification. That is the best way to view and work a site for a domain that is already pointed elsewhere. There are other ways, such as with the temp URL, but it requires extra server modification and can often not display things properly. Even then, if you get it to display correctly with the Temp URL, you may need to make changes once the domain is pointed as it may mess up. That is why I recommend the method above, no surprises! Kindest Regards, Scott Min