how to create titles with a functional url

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Hi, If I write a url in the heading or the sentence above a form, like the Registration form, it doesn't work. Meaning the url doesn't not become a Meaning if I go to Joomla admin menu item I can't edit the heading there to have a url be a functional link, it just stays a s regular text. All I know is how to fix that if I could access the html files as code under. So can we access the html files and modify them or is there another way I can fix this?

You must Sign-up at before you can register here.

But it should be

You must Sign-up at www.test.combefore you can register here.

I think your article was filtered at some point either by a system plugin or a third party plugin. Some plugins modify your input before it's saved into the database, while some others modify it before it's displayed/rendered as output.

I hope this helps.
Hello kd9000,

Thank you for your question on creating a link in an H1 header. This can be done, you will likely need to modify the particular template file in order to have this happen. This is not normally an html file, but html is the output from the php template. You just need to find the line of code in the template that creates the H1 line and then add your code to it. That should be fine.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M