Video not loading in wordpress

  • Answered
I've uploaded a couple of files, .mov and .mpf, to the wordpress media library via filezilla. I have put them on my site, on a gallery page, and both videos won't work. The gallery seems to operate like a slider. I've spoken to inmotion technical support officer who couldn't locate the issue, please help!
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your Gallery. I attempted to create a gallery on my own site and it was successful. My gallery is not behaving in that manner. I am able to create an image gallery and add videos without issue. The videos are not part of the gallery, but they can be on the same page in playlist style or individually. Have you tried turning off all the plugins to see if that corrects the behavior? If so, then you can enable the plugins one by one to determine which one is affecting your site. How are you inserting videos? I also noticed the videos are at least 180MB. This is not something you want fully loading on a page whenever someone visits, especially if you have more than one. They can take forever for some visitors even if they are working correctly. Since slider style behavior is not the default for WordPress it is likely either the theme or plugins. Taking the site back towards default is a good way to find out where the problem is. Kindest Regards, Scott M