OwnCloud URL for calDAV Requires Hosting Address. Help.

  • Answered
Hi. I have installed owncloud and using it for calDAV access. Something strange is occurring and I can't figure out why.
I SHOULD be able to access through:

but instead, I have found the only way it will work is via:

Both URLs are viewed without issue in browsers.
Both prompt for the username and password.
Problem is replicate when using a calDAV client. I have tried one windows based and one android based client with the same results.
The calDAV clients do NOT ask for credentials with the first link.No credentials are asked.

Any ideas?
Hello PGerst, Are you using cPanel version 11.50 as that is when cPanel starts supporting calDav operations. You can read more on this cPanel features thread. Best Regards, TJ Edens