Follow up on Top Horizontal menu issue

  • Answered
Got your message. Yes, the TOP HORIZONTAL MENU is working fine but when I try to do a custom link for the blog it is adding the.. /en/ the address. This has to be solved, please advise. I am going to put the BLOG link on the menu for you to look at.


Hello Bruce,

Sorry for the delay in the answer to this question and for your apparent problem. I had talked to Scott earlier about this issue, as he had already looked at this same question. When we were looking at the link to the blog that you mentioned above we were not seeing the the "en" portion that you're describing. The link was working for us. Can you specify the area of the problem if it's still happening? We did not see where the problem was occurring. If you can tell us how to duplicate the problem, then we should be able to investigate the issue further.

Apologies again that this is not a direct answer to the question you've asked. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.