Wordpress Visual Editor not behaving properly

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Hi guys,Ever since we updated the WP admin Editor it hasn't operated properly. Five or six of the support persons have tried to help fix it. I've been helping my sick wife for 60 days, so I've been away. But now NEED to get a post out.
The editor won't hold formating. We went to the Format tab and clicked paragraph, but no luck. The last rep felt it may be a broken editor.
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Thomas Holm
Hello thejosephplan, We are sorry to hear you are having issues with your WordPress editor. I apologize that you were sent here as the Community is for general questions. We are unable to assist with specific account issues as sensitive information is needed to be passed back and forth. The public area is not a safe place to do that. Have you tried disabling the plugins to see if one of those may be having an effect? Also, set the theme to a default as well. There can be times when an update of the core is not compatible with one of these items. If normal behavior returns after disabling the plugins, you will need to disable them one by one and test the posting ability until the error returns. That will tell you which plugin is the issue. If the erroneous behavior continues after disabling the plugins and changing the theme, then they are not the issue. The only thing I would recommend at that time is to download a fresh copy of WordPress and replace the core files with the files from the new download (All files and folders except the wp-content folder) This may replace a corrupted file in the WordPress. Kindest Regards, Scott M