How to Reduce HTTP Requests

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A huge issue in web performance has been the increase in HTTP request. As far as making fewer HTTP request I would need to combine "30 external Javascripts" and "16 external background images". Is that something that inmotion would be able to assist with?

I have done research and ran tests via GT Metrix but this was an issue that technical support could not resolve. Any help would be great appreciated. I know this is an issue that many people battle with the performance of their websites.

Thank you for your time!
A non-programming required approach would be to implement CloudFlare ( which is free for basic users. They have a feature that automatically bundle JavaScript ( This also has the added benefit of optimizing more overall.

Alternatively, from a programming approach, take a look at something like Grunt ( or Gulp ( Both of those are javascript tools that can help in the automation of both minification and concatenation of javascript files as well as image optimization to help speed up your site.
Hello Vamstu5,

Thanks for the question concerning the reduction of HTTP requests. Unfortunately, this type of request requires programming and this is beyond the scope of the support provided. We suggest hiring a developer/programmer if you are unable to perform the necessary tasks for optimization. Apologies again that we cannot provide that service for you.

I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

Arnel C.