SSL certificate installation problem

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I purchased SSL EV sertification from Comobo (for domain and and have InMotion staff installed it for my website

When I use browsers such as IE, FireFox to visit, everything is OK and the green bar is displayed.

However, when I use wget to get a file from my website from the command line, like this:


Then I will get an error said

ERROR: cannot verify's certificate, issued by `...':
Self-signed certificate encountered.

Also when I receive emails via Outlook, I use server, and will also get an error indicating "cannot verify the certificate" and I have to install the certificate for each time.

I try to contact support of InMotion but they just ignore the error information included in my ticket. They just said IE and Chrome can visit the SSL site properly. Therefore, I have to post the question here.

Please advise.


(To protect the privacy, I just replace my domain with
It honestly sounds like the SSL was installed for the site, but not for other services (like mail). I would reach out to IMH's team to have them correct this.

As far as wget, it could be a multitude of causes, including lack of Certificate Chain.

The easiest workaround if you trust the site is to use the "--no-check-certificate" flag in your request so it will use SSL, but ignore any validity errors.
Example: "wget --no-check-certificate ''"
Hello Alanchcw, Sorry for the issues with SSL certificate installation problem. The SSL certificate is installed correctly and it checks out with any SSL checker that we looked at online. When you're using WGET, it is typically disabled on InMotion hosting servers. Since you're on a dedicated server you can enable it. You can contact live support again through the ticket to explain what you're trying to do with WGET if you continue to have the problem, though, we would suggest using CURL instead. In regards to email, by default VPS and Dedicated servers are using a self-signed certificate for email. If you don't want to approve the self-signed certificate, then you will continually be required to verify it every time you use email. You can properly setup the certificate for email using WHM. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.