My themes are not installing as expected.

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Hi there,
My themes are not installing as expected. Support tech have adjusted the php settings and file permissions, and confirmed that the files are intact.
We tried even themes online, and they didn't upload as expected. So the problem is not the theme. Thanks
My web developer tried again to upload, successfully,

Hello, Thank you for contacting us about issues installing themes in WordPress. We are happy to help, but will need some additional information. Are you getting any errors? What are they? Have you enabled WordPress debugging? With debugging turned on, it is much easier to locate any errors within your WordPress site as well as any plugins and themes that may be causing errors. What happens when you attempt to install themes? Where you able to install themes previously?When did this start happening? Did you make any changes to your site before this started happening. What version of WordPress are you using? What themes are you installing? Have you verified they are compatible with your version of WordPress? If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul B