Error 550 When Verifying Email Address to Be Used With Gmail

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I am trying to set up an email on my domain to be used as an alias ("send as"-address) in Gmail.

In Gmail I choose Settings, Send mail as, "Add another email address you own". Then I type my authorization details (name and email address). In the second step I give the SMTP server (, username and password. When I click "Add account" Gmail sends an confirmation email that bounces at the SMTP server with an error "550-Verification failed for ", "Sender verify failed".

I can send and receive email on my domain with Thunderbird using the same authorization details. I can also send and receive with the cpanel webmail.

I am using external DNS servers but I can't find any problems with them (but that is a complex topic).

The confirmation email seems to reach the server which blocks it as the "[email protected]" user cannot be verified.

What can I do to fix this problem?

Is it Exim? Can I access Exim settings on my shared hosting account?

Hello Fredrikv, Sorry for the problems that you're having with setting your email alias, and thank you for giving detailed information on the error message. It helps to possibly indicate the problem. Generally, when the error is telling you that "No such user" is here, then it means that the user does NOT exist on that server. Since you indicated that your DNS is being controlled externally, you will need to double check your email settings. You will need to make sure that email is being set to remote. This is an MX (mail server) setting. Generally, if you were controlling with us, it would be done in the cPanel (as per this tutorial). However, you will need to look at your DNS settings and set it yourself. If the email is being set to look locally, then Gmail is trying to verify a user at your DNS location. However, since its actually an email on our server, the error "no such user here" will occur. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.