Documents sharepoint environment on the server

  • Answered
Is there a possibility to share word/excel documents in similar way like microsoft sharepoint foundation on my server? I'm looking for free tool to share documentations with ability to giving persmissions for several users.

What is the cost for running small, seperated server with sharing environment which is mandatory for that type of service ??

Hello, Thank you for your question on sharing documents. We do not have a feature like that within our servers. However, there is likely a third party software that can perform these tasks, or lastly, you may find someone to custom code such a feature. Determining the cost of a server (very possibly a VPS or a Dedicated Server and plan would first depend on what software you went with. The resources it requires may determine which type of server you need. Expected traffic will also play a part in determining which server you need. Kindest Regards, Scott M