problem of loading on site multilingual

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Is a litte complicate my problem:

I have a WP installed in a domain and a WPML plugging to manage two idioms versions on diferent domains.

In this domain I have the WP installed (under to English version
and another doamain to Spanish version (managed by WPML from the install on .com domain)

Both domais is working good, and you can have acces to all the conten hosted in to both domains thought URL of each content and load from to each domain like for example:

This picture is hosted on (where is all content to both doamins) and you can load it from and for both doamins without problem.

But when you go to page don't load the content to this domain and give you a "403 Forbidden" error.

if you go from here to English version (.com) all is load it good and if you comeback to Spanish version from English version.... all is load it!!

But if you go directly to Spanish version don't (you need go to English version and comeback from here and the yes is load it the content.

Yet we revise all in WP for 2 weeks and is all right, but we don't know if this can be from something of server....

Can you help me please???


Sorry to hear you are having issues with your site. I went directly to the version of your site and did not have any issues. Have you tested with different browsers/devices to see if you can narrow down the issue?

Kindest Regards,
Scott M