Issue with phpmyadmin in cpanel

  • Answered
In the past, clicking on phpmyadmin from cpanel would show the root with all the databases. Now when I click on it, it goes to a login page which leads to a blank white page regardless of what login info I put in. Has anyone else encountered this and how would I get this resolved? Thanks.

Sorry to hear that you're having problems with phpMyadmin. When we try to login here, we are unable to duplicate the issue. I looked through the history of your account as well and the techs with live support had the same issue as I did when trying to duplicate the issue. Have you tried with different browsers? Also, just to cover all the bases, have you downloaded the phpMyadmin client separately from the one in cPanel ? If you're running the client from your computer (instead from the server), then it could be the reason you're not seeing anything.

I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

Arnel C.