phpMyAdmin and ways to execute stored procedure

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I have a simple stored procedure that selects rows from a table. In phpMyAdmin, in the list of my procedures, if I click the Execute option, it executes properly, returning the desired rows, and showing the execute line as "CALL `myproc33`();". However, when I paste that very same 'call' statement into the SQL window in phpMyAdmin, it essentially blanks out the entire SQL window, showing no results and no errors; the ONLY thing in the entire SQL window at that point is "Show query box" which of course goes back to the query box prior to execution. Is that normal? Is not really possible to execute the stored procedure that selects rows by using a 'call' statement within the SQL window?
Hello Richard,

Thank you for your phpMyaAdmin stored procedure question. The SQL tab will not allow the entire stored proc to be executed in the form where 'Call' is used. Simply strip out the Queries and paste them into the tab. As long as each one is closed properly it will execute them all for you.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M