Starting from scratch, Prestashop

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Please see below,

InMotion Hosting
9:12 PM (46 minutes ago)

A new installation of PrestaShop has been completed. The details of the installation are shown below:
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Starting over. Fresh install. None of the databases or anything from old site moved over. Have not decided whether or not to go after any of the old databases yet.

Hello Bruce,

Thank you for your PrestaShop info. I have stored it safely. I am looking into how to save some time and see if we can get you the information needed to export your products and categories. Exporting is not a native feature and does require the purchase of a module. I am checking into the possibility of being able to export the proper tables and then import them. The hard part is identifying all the table dependencies and then being certain we are not bringing over any contaminated data. There is always the option re -entering it by hand, but that would be fairly tedious, though the safest.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M