Setting up a cookieless subdomain for a Joomla site

  • Answered

Per YSlow and Page Speed, I am attempting to set up a separate subdomain hosting the cookieless content for me site. There are many articles on the web about setting up a cookieless subdomain, so I am covered on that front. However, it is not clear how I should:
1. configure my Joomla so it know about the cookieless subdomain. I understand the cookieless subdomain is perhaps more of an Apache issue than a Joomla issue, however, I know there is more to be done on the CMS AND file structure side to complete the job…

2. this ties with the first question… How does having a cookieless subdomain affect the file structure? Since Joomla has a very specific file structure, it's not clear what exactly needs to be done in that regard (if anything)

Any clear and detailed explanations and answers are much appreciated.

Hello SH, Thank you for your question about setting up a cookieless subdomain on a Joomla site. I spent some time researching this, and unfortunately, I could not find a clear solution. In the Official Joomla forums, a Joopmla Ace (NathanHawks) suggests "Your domain uses cookies, and it must use cookies or Joomla can't work. Therefore your domain will never be a cookieless domain." Since the Joomla forums are frequented by developers, other users may offer helpful suggestion there. Typically, Optimizing Joomla will address many speed issues, and ensure it is running quickly. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul