Addon domain name problems

  • Answered
Hey guys, I have a website running for my father on a primary account drambro*** I also have a domain name through godaddy that i had previously redirected to a carbonmade site. I decided to try and change that a couple nights ago. I went to godaddy and changed the nameservers to inmotions. Then i created an addon domain here with my website name of donaldam******.com, and uploaded wordpress to the new ftp that was created. For some reason that i cannot figure out though is that i can only get to this new wordpress site through donaldambroziak.drambro*** (like a subdomain?) and not by going directly to I'm pretty clueless. Thanks for the help.
Hello InMotionFans, Thank you for your question about addon domains. I spent some time looking at the domain "donaldam******.com" and noticed it is pointed to an invalid IP address. However, when I checked your settings in cPanel/WHM they are correct. This lead me to believe you are experiencing propagation, due to the changes you made in to the DNS with godaddy, and also creating a new Addon domain. To confirm this, I performed a host file modification to point "donaldam******.com" to your shared IP, and your site on our server resolves. When I lookup your domain with GoDaddy, it shows as recently modified as well. I recommend allowing some more time for these updates to resolve, then testing again. You can begin working on your site by using a host file modification as described above. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul