We're getting duplicate emails from forms

  • Answered
We are receiving duplicate emails and, for instance, when someone submits a survey, we receive 2 surveys. As for duplicate emails, my boss received 4 identical email alerts today where he should have only received one. For the surveys, it's not like they double-clicked the submit button as the time stamp in the database and file creation are many seconds apart. The software has been tested with Selenium test scripts and has very stringent change control procedures. It's not the software, but rather something going on with the server.
This started about 6 weeks ago and I was wondering if anybody else has experienced this and if a solution has been found? Is the switch to SSD the culprit?
Hello, Thank you for your question about multiple emails. We have not had any other reports of this occurring so it may be some sort of setting coinciding with something on the account. For something account specific you will want to contact our Live Support team so they can assist you with looking for multiple emails sent to the specific email addresses. Kindest Regards, Scott M