Making My Website Load Faster

  • Answered
Dear Community Support,
I would like to know how can I make my site load faster since after Technical Support have helped changed my website's coding problem and got my site to load back to how it supposed to appear on the Editor, my site began to drop in performance when I scan it through GTMetrix and my YSlow gone from an A to a C , my PageSpeed gone from an A to a B and my loading speed has gone from 1 second to 4-5 seconds. Please check out my website at to help me understand what needs to be done. Thanks
Andy Lai
Hello Andy, Thank you for contacting us about your website load time. There were a few things that jumped out to me when I reviewed your site. When you get the results from Gtmetrix, click the Timeline tab, and notice the 404 errors in red. These are missing files, and they timeout after over 4 seconds. I recommend re-uploading them, or fixing the links. Implementing WordPress caching will also help, this is explained in our full guide on Optimizing WordPress. That guide will help you ensure your WordPress site is optimized to handle the type of traffic you get. I also noticed you are pulling items from external sources, which must wait for it to load from other servers. For example, your skype buttons are loading from, instead of your site. It would be better to upload them to your domain, or even use a CDN service for all the images. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul