Global search and replace text in posts

  • Answered
I recently moved from Blogger to WordPress. Over 900 posts were successfully moved with the following exception. Each post now includes the same text as an extra paragraph in the body of the post.
Is there a way to globally delete the extra paragraph without individually opening each post?
I have no PHP or MySQL database expertise.
Thanks for your help.
Hello winjama, First, create a backup of your database within PHPMyAdmin to ensure that if anything goes wrong, you can restore. Next, within PHPMyAdmin, click on the SQL tab, end enter the following in the text field, replacing your string here with your paragraph that you want to remove:

UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE(post_content,'your string here','');

This should successfully remove all occurrences of the paragraph that you need to remove from your posts. Best regards, JeffMa