Problem moving and testing moved websites

  • Answered
Created a new website ( when we created our account with you. That domain is currently empty. And now I want to test some other websites we have hosted elsewhere (lets call it Copied the files to an 'addOn' domain. First problem is that the files appear in a subdirectory of public HTML of (ie . That is not right. I want the two sites to have no relationship. I have: /home//public_html (with files for /home//public_html/ (with files for This will not work. What I want is: /home//public_html /home// OK. I'll live with that for now. So now I add '' to point to my shared IP with inMotion. When I hit that uri in a browser, I get files from '/home//public_html and not files from '/home//public_html/ So my question is: How do I test before moving my domains over. What I want to do is add 'www2' to my existing DNS and test with that, but it does not seem to work even with the file structure you have. We signed up for the R-1000s account.
Hello, Thank you for your question on domain structure. Since I cannot view your specific account, I will need to give advice on how things should look. For the file structure, the addon domain will always be in a subfolder of the primary domain by default. You can change this when creating the addon domain by removing the 'public_html' from the document root. Then all the domains will be in equal position. You do not need 'public_html' under the addon root folders. The 'public_html' folder simply takes the place of your primary domain name. The original configuration, however, does not affect the sites in any way, nor do they appear related on the web. As for the redirects. should point to a folder (public_html/ by default. The www2 subdomain should be created in the cPanel for and its root directory should also point to (public_html/ If you are certain that everything is configured properly and still not functioning, you may provide the domain name here so we can look. If you are uncomfortable with that, you may want to contact Live Support as then you can give the specifics without fear of anything being public. Kindest Regards, Scott M