I cannot install more than one program because of database limit

  • Answered
I'm trying to install Joomla in addition to my wordpress installation, but it fails because apparently I can only install one database. I have try to share wordpress database by using the same database name, but I get a message saying the database already exist. How can I get around this limit. The FAQ page says you can install multiple programs in different directories, but I seem to be restricted to one program. Thanks
Hello, Thank you for your database question. It is true that you can run different applications in different folders, however you may be limited by the number of databases allowed on the account itself. The shared plans all have a limit to the number of MySQL databases they can have. They are limited from 1 for the Launch plan, to 25 for the Power plan, and Unlimited for the Pro plan. If you are at the limit and need more, you will need to upgrade to the next plan, which can be done via the Account Management Panel. Kindest Regards, Scott M