I'm having trouble loading a Drupal theme

  • Answered
I installed Drupal quickly, no issues with that. But when I try to upload a theme I purchased from ThemeForest (that has all good reviews so I don't think it's a theme issue) I keep getting the message "Automatic updating of Drupal core is not supported. See the upgrade guide for information on how to update Drupal core manually." I've used Softaculous to install Drupal 7.34, then tried installing Drupal 7.0 manually, and each time I get the same error message when trying to upload the theme. (I'm sorry, I'm fairly new with Drupal)
Hello Brett123, Sorry for the problem with the theme. I researched this problem and Drupal's support forum has issued directions on how to fix the problem. Please review their steps here. If necessary, please review the Installing a custom theme in Drupal 7 tutorial. Look to see if any of the steps differ from your current installation. Sorry again for the problem with the theme, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.