Client cannot send us email

  • Answered
We have a client whose email to us continues to get bounced back. We use Webmail/RoundCube and Thunderbird. Is there some sort of setting we can apply to the client's email address, so it doesn't bounce back?
Hello, Sorry to hear about your client's bounceback. Emails that are returned will have a reason embedded within the bounceback itself. Our servers do not have their own blacklist, but use a commercial blacklist known as SpamCop. If the client is on this list, then they or their email host will need to resolve that before SpamCop delists them. We can take a look at the bounceback message for you if you can get a copy of it to give more specific information, if you like. You may want to ask that of our Live Support Team instead of posting what may be personal or specific information here in the public area. While waiting for the delisting, your client may simply want to use another email account such as gmail if they are able to. Kindest Regards, Scott M