InMotion Deleted My Database

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Just over a week ago InMotion Hosting informed me that the server my website was being hosted on was under attack by a hacker. A little bit alarmed I was assured everything was under control and being taken care of. I did request if my data was being saved and reinstalled as it existed the past night. The manager assured me he was taking good care of my website being just a month prior they completely messed it up and shut me down for a week.
Well, the unimaginable happened. InMotion completely deleted all my files and was unable to restore my website. I'm going to go in great detail of the complete cluster _uck they did on my blog later in the week. And outline the lack of any support of management not wanting on owning up to the agreements made.
If you've experienced the same type of treatment from InMotion Hosting, please feel free in commenting your experience on my blog
This blog gets around 130-150,k views a month. I have another 17 sites that combined gets around 780,k more views a month and I'll be posting a page about this incident and linking it to this main page. Expect around 930,k viewers a month reading this article if that matters to you.
I'm doing this because InMotion refuses to communicate with me on this subject matter and perhaps even believes they can just bury the issue and it'll go away.
Tim S.
Good morning,

I'm sorry you have had an issue with a recent support experience. I'm the Customer Community Manager here with InMotion and wanted to personally reach out to you. I'm not fully aware of the situation but would love to look into this more for you.

We never intentionally, remove or delete files. On occasion, there are times where hardware fails and backups aren't usable. This is the very reason, we ask every customer to maintain their own backups. No one likes data loss, especially not us.

I'm sorry you feel that our management team isn't owning up to what you were promised. If you would like to discuss this further, let me know and I'll reach out to you personally.

Best Regards,

Tim S.