High resource usage with website

  • Answered
Hello technical staff. I'm a bit lost here. I am tracking the resource usage of my website and it constantly spikes over the 100%, I'm on a power hosting plan. Even optimising and making use of a lot of usleep()/time_nanosleep() in my php scripts doesn't help all that much. When checking resource usage from PHP it is still somewhere in the range 1-2 (Which apparently is too much).

The strange thing here is that an exact copy is hosting on the servers of webhostinghub (Same datacenter right) and when I check the resource usage there it is somewhere around 0.3... While I'm on the cheapest plan over there.
So? Are you just so limited in resources? Or is it something else?
Hello, Thanks for the question and sorry for the problem with the resource usage. First,you're talking about and comparing resource usage between two different hosting services. Web Hosting Hub is our sister company (and we provide support for them), but the servers you're using are NOT the same servers. Resources on a server may differ for many different reasons (e.g. server configuration, hosting plan, etc.). The servers might be in the same datacenter, but they will differ in configuration. If you're having problems with high resource usage, make sure that you are going through the article (provided with the link), and reviewing all of the possible causes. You may have identical websites on two different services, but it doesn't mean that one website is not being affected by something that the other is not. Also, for a more in depth look at your website, you should submit ticketsubmit a support ticket through email. They can take a closer look and see if there's a problem that you are not seeing. Apologies again for the problem you're facing with the resource usage. Please let us know if you find anything through information I have provided, or if you require any further assistance. Kindest regards, Arnel C.