Wordpress bugs caused by out-of-date cURL (7.15.5)

  • Answered
I was having some problems with a Wordpress site that I traced to an issue with the cURL library (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/an-unexpected-error-occurred-message-after-wp37-update). Specifically, it seems there is a bug in older versions of cURL. Using phpinfo(), I see that the installed verison of cURL is 7.15.5. The newest release is 7.39.0. I am using the newest version of PHP available in cPanel (5.6.3). Can you guys update cURL so I can see if that fixes my problem?
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding cURL today. If you are located on a shared server, the cURL version will not be able to be updated for a single account. It may be updated on a schedule in the future, however, and that will affect the entire server. You are able to modify cURL version with VPS and Dedicated server plans. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Kindest Regards, Scott M