Drupal 7 - unstable InnoDB can't be restored

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what options do I have to restore my site, given above problem?

this is a follow up question to Arnel's kind response to my previous question re my site at "http://ecbiz137.inmotionhosting.com/~bodyry5/".

Some further details per Arnel's request:
- a properly restored site should look similar to "www.BodyRyzm.com"
- previous restoration did not restore the site because the DB was not restored due to "your database contains InnoDB tables which do not support data restoration" per Inmotionhosting tech support
- what happened minutes prior malfunction of site, i was turning on some common modules in Drupal admin, the immediate task i did before malfunction was 1. turn on "tracker" under modules, which responded "Comments module needs to be turn on. would you like to do so?" in a pop up window, 2. i pressed "ok" button to confirm in the said pop up window. 3. then immediately, the entire Drupal admin system seemed to froze. 4. i checked the site at "http://ecbiz137.inmotionhosting.com/~bodyry5/" and found the malfunction started - the home page lost its navigation bar, the image slider at the top of the page, testimonial slider block and product image blocks disappeared. Also when the admin "overlay" screen lost, so was the admin "tool bar" in Drupal backend.

it seems that the problem was caused by a instability of DB. unfortunately due to "your database contains InnoDB tables which do not support data restoration" Inmotionhosting can't help me to restore DB on a shared server, and I don't have a copy of my own. what should I do?

- could Inmotion help restore InnoDB if I upgrade my hosting plan to dedicated server?
- is InnoDB not compatible with Drupal and caused the instability?
- how could I work around the instability issue with DB?
- should I replace the InnoDB? Is the InnoDB a standar part of Inmotionhosting's system?
- my concern is that, if the instability issue is not resolved, the sudden malfunction may repeat after rebuild the site.

your kind help will be sincerely appreciated. I am very sorry for the trouble.
Hello, I do apologize for what happened with your website. I am trying to restore your database as if you were on a VPS or higher plan. I will email you once it completes. In regards to Innodb, there are other options however your website usually determines what type of database it uses. You can read more about the other type here. I would also recommend you keeping local backups of your website files and database for this specific reason. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Best Regards, TJ Edens