500 error after Joomla restore with Akeeba and Kickstart

  • Answered
i restored my joomla 3 site to new server, every things going well but the site not working , but the administrator is working .

the site is : www.myfilm.gov.om

i tried all solution but it still not fixing

i need the site to publish before end of this month, the site is for film competition and we have deadline.

help please, let me know what to do.

thank you
Hello, Thank you for your Joomla question today. I took a quick look and I am seeing a blank screen for your site. This could mean an error message is being suppressed. To check this, you will want to enable debug mode for your site and then see if it gives any further information. You may also want to see if the .htaccess file is at fault. Sometimes modifications made to that file will cause blank pages as well. Kindest Regards, Scott M