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Please refer to the following link:
When you look at this you will note that the "add to cart" button is displayed on most of the products. Please also note that the the CAT TOYS category is the only category doing this. Can you see what is causing this? Category pages should not have "add to cart" buttons", that is for the product pages. Do you know why the anomaly is not repeated on the other category pages?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Bruce,

Thanks for getting with us about the button issue. By default, category pages will display an 'add to cart' button for all products listed in the category page. As you know, that can be problematic for products with attributes, such as color, size, etc. There is a setting in the 'Preferences >> Products' section where you can disable the 'add to cart' button for products with attributes. I checked your settings and that is set to 'No' which is why the dog toys do not show the button.

In the cat toy section you referenced, note that the 'Mouse Cat Toy' and 'Big Sky Mouse' do not have a button but all the others do. The ones with a button have no attributes for the customer to select, so they can be added to the cart from the category page.

It does seen odd that there is no way to disable the button across all products on the category page, but there is not a setting for that within the PrestaShop backend.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M