prestashop 1.6 multi store url

  • Answered
I need help in url for two stores in prestashop.
I have two domains, and are registered in different registrar from the prestashop host which in
I want the default store to be on and the second to be on
I Delegated the two domains (#1+#2) to the host nameserver (#3) and I set the multi store url on the two domains.
It doesn't work. What am I missing here?
Thanks, Elad.
Hello, Thanks for the PrestaShop question. This is a complex question as it requires that you specify the URL in the multi-shop menu for the different stores. You stated that you "set the multi-store URL on the two domains", but it's not clear what you mean. Can you be specific in the steps that you have taken? We need more information on how you are doing this in order to assist you with this question. Please provide us with the exact steps your taking in the PrestaShop Administrator when you are setting up your multi-shop options. We do not have any documentation for the current 1.6 version for this process, but there will be a new tutorial for the process in the near future. The process does look totally different from the PrestaShop 1.5 documentation for adding a new shop, but it may help to look at the old documentation. You may also want to look at PrestaShop's documentation for further guidance. Regards, Arnel C.