Cannot remove categories in new theme

  • Answered
Hello everyone! We are experiencing compatibility problems between the categories of the bootstrap version and the new theme's categories (Leo underwear). If you reach the website you see the categories images of the new theme bootstrap, which we could not change. In the back office catalogue the system prevents us from deleting the old categories, still there. We cannot reach and edit the new categories' images, we managed to change the home menu structure of the website, but we could not reach images in order to change them. Could anybody help?
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about your PrestaShop theme issue. As you are on the newest version of PrestaShop you want to ensure you are first using a theme that is compatible with that version. If it is a free theme and you can provide the name of it, we can also test your issue here. Does the back office allow you to delete categories and their images if the default theme is active? Kindest Regards, Scott M