cPanel additional login security

  • Answered
I am relatively new and am learning about site security. After reading various threads and documents I have installed Akeeba for admin security and two factor authentication. After feeling a little more secure it dawned on me that my cPanel has only a username and password to login with a relatively easy url. From what I have read your hosting should provide brute force protection however, I still feel a little vulnerable from the cPanel side. I have searched many threads and perhaps I am missing something or just need to be guided in the right direction. I can't seem to find anything on cPanel additional login security. It would be nice to have a tougher url to break. Or is the brute force enough? I believe I found an article on two factor authentication and need to read further to understand. One item I would like to implement would be an IP whitelist for cPanel login. I can't seem to find anything for this or maybe I am just missing something. Any help or guidance to the right articles will be greatly appreciated.

We enforce various brute force as well as other security measures on the server that ensure that an account stays secure, however, be sure that you have a strong password as well as any machines that are logging in are completely secure.