Prestashop Shopping Cart Button Problem

  • Answered

Top right hand side. Shopping cart. The radio buttons (checkout) and (shopping cart) are both cut-off. When you add a product to the shopping cart and click the upper right hand corner the two radio buttons are supposed to be displayed.

I was able to see what you are referencing. I see only the left hand portion of the buttons and no text at all on either one. Using the FireFox Inspect Element tool I was able to make some modifications on my own screen. The issue is with the images used to create the buttons. Once I removed references to the buttons, both links appeared as text and were not cut off.

It is our belief that this has to do with the CSS governing the buttons. I noticed they are not coded the same. One has an id and a class, both of which can have attrubutes governing the button's behavior, and one only a class. This may be by design of the theme developer. Also, I noticed that both buttons point to the same page:

As this appears to be CSS, this would lie in the realm of the theme creator and nothing we can change in PrestaShop main. It would require changes in that area of the theme.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M