Domain and subdomain filezilla

  • Answered
I installed prestashop on my mac using filezilla and set it up correctly; my matter is that my domain is name. I can't avoid the "my name" thing. I tried to copy and paste the contents in filezilla's folder ".." but it didn't work: "origin and final folder are the same". Do you know where I'm wrong?
thanks, regards
Hello, Thank you for your question. If you have moved the files, but it is still redirecting to the "/my name folder", the URL may be set that way in the database. I recommend changing the PrestaShop URL in the database, to Alternately, if this is a new installation, it may be easier to just erase what you have done and reinstall PrestaShop on the domain using Softaculous. Softaculous allows you to install PrestaShop with just one click. Thank you, John-Paul