Emails received in Webmail Inbox, not showing up in Outlook 2013 Inbox

  • Answered
We have purchased a new computer and as advised henceforth wish to proceed by IMAP instead of POP.

We have set up Outlook 2013 according to the instructions posted on Inmotion Hosting guide. We can connect to Internet and Send emails --(though we cannot see what we sent!

We cannot see anything in the Outlook 2013 Inbox, even though we can see it in the Inbox on Webmail.

We never had this problem with our old computer using POP.
Hello, Sorry to hear that you're having problems with getting Outlook to work. Email clients require specific entries for the incoming and outgoing (SMTP) settings to operate correctly. If they are not entered correctly, then your email client will not work. The email server is definitely functional since you're able to see email in the webmail clients. Please read through How to Find Email Settings. Use these settings for your email client. This should help you to get Outlook working properly. Regards, Arnel C.