Unable to setup shop style file downloads

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I have installed and setup according to Inmotion 101 directions - both PRESTASHOP and OPEN CART to provide access to some photos that I wish to allow people to download. They are no cost photos but I need to be able to tell who downloaded the photos so I wanted to use a shop style setup. I follow all steps for downloads in Open Cart and for Virtual Products in Prestashop but I get upload errors with both. I tried FTP to the download directory in OpenCart but there isn't a way to select the file and it doesn't allow file name entry.
I have a couple of successfully uploaded files maybe in Open Cart but they never become available for download. HELP!
Hello, Sorry to hear that you're having problems with the virtual product. I tested this in PrestaShop 1.6 with no problems. Here are the steps I took:
  1. Created a new product
  2. Set the new product to a VIRTUAL product
  3. Click on QUANTITIES and add a number for the number of times someone can basically "purchase" the file for free
  4. Set the price to 0
  5. Click on the VIRTUAL PRODUCT option. Say YES to the associated file question. Add the file for the product.
  6. Set number of allowed downloads
  7. Set expiration date
  8. Set number of days file can be accessed
  9. Set thumbnail image for the product (if you wish)
  10. SAVE the product
Customer would need to "purchase" the product like any other product. You should make sure that there are no Handling charges (in the SHIPPING section). When the order is completed, they will receive an email that provides a link to the product. We would need more information on the version(s) of PrestaShop/OpenCart and a URL in order to investigate the matter further for you. Please provide us this info if you are unable to resolve the issue. We would be happy to help. Regards, Arnel C.