WebsitePanel IIS Modules Error (OpenCart)

  • Answered
Hi, I'm using opencart for my ecommerce website and i was trying to install vqmod, however when i go to to check whether vqmod is install successfully or not, it shows the error message as below:
WebsitePanel IIS Modules Error
AuthName directive not found.
File: C:\Domains\xxxx\vqmod\.htaccess

May i know what is the solution for this issue? Thank you.
Hello, Sorry for the problems with VQMOD. I spent some time looking to see if anyone had reported this error and nothing appeared to be documented with this specific issue. There are other apps reporting it, but none for VQMOD itself. The suggested solution for the reported cases are in regards to permissions or security on the folders. Also, I went to the VQMOD website and found the following troubleshooting suggestions. Please go through the list they provide and see if it helps to find you a solution. If you require further assistance I would strongly recommend that you go to the VQMOD downloads page and post a comment for support - this is where they have advised that support issues for VQMOD should be posted. I hope this helps to guide you to a solution. Apologies that we do not have a direct solution for the problem. Regards, Arnel C.